Competent Heater Repair by Aire-Tech AC and Heating

Aire-Tech AC and Heating has been in the HVAC business for the last 26 years, servicing the Riverside and surrounding areas. We have gained enough wealth of experience over these years to provide you with 5 star HVAC services. The difference between Aire-Tech AC and Heating and other similar service providers is that we make it a priority to stay up to date with the latest advancements and information on HVAC systems. This way we are able to offer you the latest technology, practices and advice on how to best use your HVAC system.

The Kind of Heating Repair Service Riverside CA Residents Look Forward to

People often don’t notice problems with their heater until winter sets in. This is when heating issues become apparent. However, these issues do not spring up overnight and are usually the cause of a lack of maintenance or possibly an extremely old unit. Our technicians follow a scheduled maintenance plan to fix errors and fine tune your heater. Before they can offer you their expert advice, they must first troubleshoot and fully understand the issue. Then they are able to offer you precise information and advice on your heater issues.

In some cases, just a specific part will need to be replaced. If this is cost effective, our technicians will run it by you and make the necessary changes. However, if the entire unit is faulty, our honest technicians will level with you. Our technicians will also help you to understand the different makes and models of heaters and how they can fit or work for your home, so that you have the information needed to make a well informed decision. Our staff at Aire-Tech AC and Heating are ready to take your call, 24/7. We are also contactable via our website, around the clock.