Heating and Cooling Giants, Always At Your Service

Aire Tech Air Conditioning and Heating is a company that has been in operation for 26 years. We started small and over time we have grown our customer base and our reputation and become who we are today. We are the go to provider in Riverside and the surrounding areas, the service provider who you can always count on to provide you the best service and products available today.

Why Choose Us

With 26 years of lessons under our belt, we have learned and progressed and become a market leader within the Riverside and surrounding areas. We have used every opportunity to grow into something that most people only dream of, a heating and cooling giant.

Our staff make up a formidable team that won’t be phased or flustered easily. We are cool, calm and collected even in the face of adversity and work our way through every problem we encounter.Technically advanced, skilled and experienced are what we look for in all our technicians. A willingness to improve their knowledge and skill is expected.

Character is something that is of great importance. Our staff must carry our name with pride and display the same work ethics that we believe are important. Customers are first and foremost the most important part of our business and keeping them satisfied is the only way to get ahead.

Our Heating and Cooling Service Perris, CA

Heating and cooling is a trade that has so much competition. To really stand out, we have to be better than the rest. Claiming it is one thing but actually doing it is completely another. We do whatever it takes to show that we are the top contender. We have developed and changed as our customers have changed and their requirements have changed. We ensure that all our staff stay on top of new techniques and products and ways to better improve the service we deliver to our customers.  That extra effort is what proves to our customers that we really care about their comfort.

We offer our services in all residential applications and in commercial applications. The difference is simple, there isn’t one. Each job is as important as the next and each  customer is always serviced in the same way, with excellence.

We offer a variety of services which include but are not limited to

  • Air Conditioning and heating installations
  • Air Conditioning and heating maintenance, repairs and replacements
  • Indoor Air Quality

Our team of professionals is quickly and easily able to assess the state of your indoor air quality and provide you with viable solutions to improve on it.

We offer a service that is filled with honesty, integrity and complete transparency.

Call Aire Tech Air Conditioning and Heating for good, honest service (951)529-1502.