Heating Maintenance Service Moreno Valley CA

Homeowners usually go to great lengths to ensure their home is comfortable at all times regardless of the environmental conditions. The temperature outside could be baking hot or freezing cold, but the HVAC system in a building will ensure the indoor space is comfortable. During winter, heating systems normally work extra hard to keep the space warm and comfy for the inhabitants. Since there is always a chance that the heater may break down, homeowners are advised to have their heaters properly serviced. When looking for reliable heating maintenance service Moreno Valley CA residents should consider working with Aire Tech Air Conditioning & Heating.

About Aire Tech

We are a licensed and insured HVAC company with over 26 years experience in the industry. Over the years, we have learned a lot of about the needs of local residents and developed products and services to meet those needs effectively. We have technicians on standby at all times to take care of all your heating needs, so you can request a service whenever you want. At Aire Tech, we handle all makes and models of heaters, so you can have confidence in our service because our team will get the job done.

Our Heating Maintenance Service

Whether you have an oil heater or a gas furnace, our technicians have been professionally trained to handle all kinds of heaters. Furthermore, they have decades of combined industry experience, so they will not miss anything. They normally start by listening and inspecting the heater. If there are unusual sounds, or something is out of place, our technicians will take note and make plans to deal with the underlying issue. The team will start by opening up the heater and clean every component to remove soot, dust and any other type of debris. Next, they will lubricate every moving part and check the condition as well as tension on the fan belt. Our technicians will also recalibrate the thermostat and adjust the burner to ensure it burns fuel efficiently. After the heating maintenance service Moreno Valley CA residents can expect their heater to operate more efficiently, perform better and break down less often. Furthermore, the unit will have a longer life. Call us today to schedule a heater maintenance service.