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Heating Repair Service Riverside CA – Comparing Oil and Gas Furnaces

Fuel plays a major role in what kind of heating repair service Riverside CA you need. A furnace can be powered up by either oil or gas. The gas variant is the most recent entrant and is gaining popularity. But does that make it better than an oil furnace? Let’s find out.

Gas Furnace or Oil Furnace?

Making a choice between the two is not as simple as comparing apples and oranges. Both the varieties have their positives and negatives. Compared to oil, gas furnaces are cheaper, but that doesn’t make oil furnaces inaccessible for budget-conscious buyers. Generally, the costs go higher only if you’re trying to convert an existing oil furnace into a gas furnace. Newer homes with gas line setups may find this conversion a tad cheaper, but the costs are still high.

Environmental Impact

In the past, oil significantly contributed to bad air quality and pollution. But with technological advancements, modern heating oil almost has no emissions. In fact, gas furnaces may at times not be 100 percent clean and add to global warming woes more than oil furnaces.


As aforementioned, both the furnace variants have their advantages and disadvantages. But how much of an impact those negatives and positives may have on the user could vary based on the area. For instance, the fuel supply status of an area determines how well a particular furnace would bode for the consumer. For oil furnace users, the fuel itself could be a disadvantage, as it must be pre-delivered and stored. This may be disadvantageous for some people as fuel delivery may have its own expenses and schedules in different areas.

Gas furnaces, meanwhile, have a shorter lifespan, usually 11-15 years. If well maintained, an oil furnace comes good for more than 30 years.

If you’re looking for installing, replacing, or heating repair service Riverside CA, call Aire Tech Air Conditioning & Heating today and we shall discuss more about the pros and cons of the two furnace types.