HVAC Problems You Cannot Ignore


Your home’s AC is invaluable during the scorching days of summer. While most of us spend most of our time not thinking about our HVAC unit, there are so many things that could go wrong and many of these issues have clear warning signs if we know what to look for.

You should always stay on top of your routine maintenance checks to make sure your small issues do not turn into big ones. Watch and listen for the warning signs that your system needs some attention and you will avoid bigger and costlier repairs down the line.

Here are the ones you should watch out for.


Foul Odors

The human nose is pretty sensitive, which is why the first thing you might notice is a strange odor in your home or coming from your unit. This could be a major warning sign that something is wrong with your system.

If your AC smells foul, you should not wait for the odor to go away at its own because it is a big red flag that indicates some serious trouble with the system. A rotten egg smell could signal a natural gas leak. An electrical or burning smell could mean something is overheating. A musty scent could indicate mold has been accumulating. These are all serious concerns because they could mean a major repair coming up and even cause health issues for the residents. Do not ignore them or try to troubleshoot the problem yourself. Call a professional!


Strange Noises

We are all familiar with the gentle whoosh of air coming from the AC. But if you are starting to hear new or strange sounds, it may be a sign of an aging or malfunctioning unit. These strange noises could be the result of a loose or malfunctioning component that could lead to further damage if left unchecked.

Among the most troubling AC-related noises are those like hissing, clanging, grinding and screeching. These noises are typically rooted in problems with leaks, obstructions, motor bearings or electrical issues.

Regardless of which particular noise you are hearing, they can all have a substantial effect on your air conditioner. Ignoring these issues could lead to costly consequences, particularly if you keep running the AC normally despite the damages. Take notice of the sounds carefully and call an expert to come and have a look at the unit.


Leaks and Puddles

Small leaks and puddles around the unit is another sign that you should not ignore. It could be some extra moisture or small pools of water accumulating in specific spots. Anything that seems suspicious needs to be taken care of because the damage could be more extensive than you think. It is best to call professionals right now because leaks can cause structural damage to your property.


Short Cycling

If your air conditioner continuously turns itself on or off, this could be a short cycling issue. Short cycling will cause your AC to struggle to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat. Ultimately, short cycling can increase your energy bills, damage components and prevent your AC from keeping your home cool.

In many cases, short cycling is caused by an air conditioner that is too large for the home and has to be replaced. However, you might get lucky and find out that you simply have a dirty filter that desperately needs replacing. Either way, it is best not to guess about what the problem could be. A professional can easily determine the cause of the issue and tell you how to proceed from there.


Duct Leaks

If your AC just does not cool like it is supposed to, it could very well be a cooling issue, such as a duct leak. If your air ducts have a leak, cooled air will get sucked up in these leaks before they can reach the rooms of your home. When the air does not circulate properly, it will put an added demand on your system as it tries to match the settings on your thermostat. The more your system works over-time to compensate for the leak, the more your system will be subject to wear-and-tear.

You will need to seal those leaks if you want to bring cool air and order back to your home. Although sealing the ducts sounds like an easy DIY project, please do not try to do it with duct tape. You will need the tools of a professional HVAC contractor to test the ducts thoroughly.


Age of the HVAC System

If your HVAC system is 15 or more years old, sooner, or later it will cause you problems. Research has shown that HVAC systems manufactured today are 60% more efficient than those manufactured ten years ago. Thus, you must consider buying a new one. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to control the quality of your HVAC system.



Service and Repairs for Your Air Conditioning System

Here at Aire-Tech, we know just how unbearable the Southern California heat can be. We also know that temperatures can drop pretty fast during the cold winter months. That is why we want your home’s HVAC unit to be functioning properly at all times. Whether you have a problem that you want to be solved now or just want to do preventative maintenance, we can help. Contact us today to schedule your HVAC service or repair in the Southern California area!

When you turn your AC up to escape from the oppressive Southern California heat, you expect a welcome rush of super cooled air. But if your AC system isn’t working properly, you may be greeted with a blast of warm air instead. Our service professionals will use the latest technology and tools to diagnose your air conditioning system’s problem and correct it quickly and cost-effectively.

Our friendly, knowledgeable service technicians can service and repair all brands of equipment, and carry parts for most repairs on their trucks. We also have a dedicated, highly professional duct cleaning and duct sealing team, and offer a wide range of air purification, humidification, and other HVAC accessories to revive and improve your existing systems.

Aire-Tech has the best HVAC technicians in the business that can service and repair your HVAC units whenever they have issues. Our licensed and trained HVAC professionals specialize in everything from air ducts, condensers, coils, air filtration to complete HVAC unit replacements and HVAC installations. Our friendly customer service and expert technicians are the main reasons why so many of our customers consider us to be the best AC service company in Southern California!


Residential Air Conditioner & AC Service Includes:

  • All services performed by State registered, highly trained technicians
  • All major brands of air conditioning equipment serviced
  • Home energy audits
  • Installation of energy efficient air conditioner equipment
  • Air quality testing and installation of air cleaning technology
  • Air duct screening and replacement
  • Preventive Maintenance and AC Service


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