Prepare This Spring For Summer Scorchers: Knowing When To Get Regular AC Check-Up’s

Prepare This Spring For Summer Scorchers: Knowing When To Get Regular AC Check-Up’s

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Consider driving a car, every few thousand miles you drive you to need to go get it serviced to ensure that not only is it safe but also that it is efficient saving you heaps of money in the long-run.

Well not many people realize this but your Air Conditioning unit operates the exact same way.

Regular maintenance check-ups and DIY cleaning not only prolongs the life of your cooling unit but it also ensures that your budget is spared any unnecessary expenses – at least where your AC is concerned.

How Often Should Maintenance Check-Ups Be Done

Aire-Tech AC & Heating understands that when it comes to scheduling regular split air conditioner service Perris CA check-ups the budget it a top-priority concern, which is why first and foremost despite what many may say scheduling maintenance check-ups each month is unnecessary.

In fact, for those homeowners out there that are looking for an optimal answer to this question, we have one. The ideal number of times to get regular maintenance check-ups from a certified technician is only once or twice a year.

If you currently do not follow through with these check-ups we strongly advise that you do. Although it is possible to perform various self-cleaning rituals on your system there are small problems, which an expert’s eye may only be able to detect – these can manifold into costlier problems if left unattended.

Aire Tech Air Conditioning and Heating

What Can I Do To Prolong My AC Unit’s Life

As with all machines, AC units are not designed to last a lifetime. However, there are certain precautions that individuals can take to ensure that the unit in their homes lasts the optimal time period.

The first thing to do is clean your unit at least once a month. What we mean by this is remove any debris from inside your compressor/condenser as well as any debris that may restrict air flow around these outside units.

Another good tip to extend the overall lifespan of your unit is not to leave small problems unresolved. If you do notice something going amiss with your cooling system – make a quick call to a certified and experienced company and let them come down and fix your problems for you.

Unsure who to trust with your cooling solutions why not give Aire-Tech AC & Heating experienced technicians a chance to help. To do this simply place a call to 951-926-1002.