Split Air Conditioner Installation Perris CA

Affordable Financing for Split Air Conditioner Installation Perris CA

AC installation can be a complicated process if there is a lot of ductwork to be installed. During installation, the air ducts can also get damaged and develop leakages. When it comes to split air conditioner installation Perris CA, however, installation is just a matter of mounting the air handler, on the wall or the ceiling, and the condenser on the outer wall, ground or on the rooftop. In fact, the hardest part of the job is drilling a hole across the wall to run the power cables and refrigerant tubing to connect the two main components of the split air conditioner. This is a job that can be handled by just about any HVAC company, but you should choose the most trusted and reliable split AC installer, such as Aire Tech AC Company to do the job.

Split Air Conditioner Installation Perris CA

Before a space cooling system can be installed, the space must first be measured. This is usually done by calculating the total floor area in the building. Our technicians will then determine the most suitable equipment, in terms of BTUs, to meet those needs. Since you may have a preferred AC manufacturer brand, and we stock only the best HVAC equipment from a wide range of manufacturers, our installers will work with you to identify the right split AC machine to install in your home or business premise. At Aire Tech AC, we offer affordable financing, so you can submit your application online once you get a quote from our team. Alternatively, you can visit our website to request a quote, apply for financing and schedule a service.

Why Us?

We are a highly rated HVAC company with years of experience in the industry. We offer heating and cooling services to both residential and commercial clients. Our technicians are also factory-trained and certified by NATE to offer AC installation services, so you can rest assured that the job will be done according to industry best practices.