Split Air Conditioner Service Perris CA

Split Air Conditioner Service in Perris CA

Split air conditioners have become incredibly popular in both private residencies and commercial establishments. This is because the system is easier and cheaper to install due to lack of air ducts in the system. Since there are no ducts, maintaining the system is also much easier. All that’s needed is cleaning of the air handler and compressor followed by lubrication of moving parts. When in need of split air conditioner service Perris CA residents should give preference to trusted and reliable HVAC companies, such as Aire Tech AC.

Split AC Design

A split AC system has an air handler, which houses a fan, air filter and evaporator coil. This unit is normally mounted in the room to be cooled, either on the roof or on the wall. The fan draws air from the room and passes it through the air filter and over the evaporator coils for cooling. The air handler is connected to the condenser unit via refrigerant tubes and electrical cables. The condenser is usually mounted outdoors, either on the ground, outer wall or on the rooftop. The main components of the unit are the fan, condenser coils and compressor pump. The unit is responsible for cooling and compressing the heated refrigerant to prepare for the next cycle.

Split Air Conditioner Service Perris CA

Aire Tech AC Company offers reliable split AC services, which range from split air conditioning system design and installation to maintenance and repair services. We have been in the industry for many years, and handled thousands of jobs. We serve both residential and commercial clients in the Perris, CA, and area. Our technicians are professionally trained to handle all types of air conditioning systems. They are also NATE-certified, so you can expect the highest quality of service from our team. Call us today for affordable and effective split air conditioning system service. Financing is also available for major projects.