When To Buy And When To Replace Your Air Conditioner?

When To Buy And When To Replace Your Air Conditioner?

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Old appliances can be tricky to live with. Why buy a new one when the old one still works? Do I need a new one or should I just have it repaired? Your AC at home might be raising these questions right now, if it hasn’t yet, when it does it’s better to be prepared to have an answer that benefits you and your family the most. In some situations, it might be worth it to bid farewell to that old friend that brought so many cool memories during summer (pun intended) and have an HVAC replacement service in Riverside, CA. Other times it might not be a necessity to get a new unit simply because as they say: “It’s not their time yet.” We at Aire-Tech AC and Heating would like to help you out when the time comes, so here are some factors that will make it easier:

Too many birthdays?

Whether it’s presenting issues yet or not, it’s recommended to at least run a thorough control by professionals when it reaches its 10th birthday. After such a long time, though it might seem like it’s working perfectly, AC systems can start to have internal problems that average user cannot see. Having a professional carefully examine your unit might save you a fortune down the line, and some uncomfortable hot days, should it fail during summer.

Check the bills

If your AC system is greatly contributing to the increase in your electricity bill, something’s not right. Units that are older than 10 years, not only consume a lot more energy than modern ones, they’re designed to comply with older standards that are not as energy efficient as recent models. You could sit down one day and do some math to calculate how much of an impact an old AC system has and how beneficial an Eco-friendly might be.

Aire Tech Air conditioning and Heating

Think of your health

Units that present big problems after being in the household for over a decade might be better off in the bin than in your house. You shouldn’t only consider how much a repairing service might be, the health of your family should come as a priority. Modern and new systems are engineered and designed to comply with current quality standards that are not only more energy efficient, but also have more positive effects on your health, such as even cleaner air and less mold/bacteria friendly.

Price is important but not all that matters

When appliances get to an end, there’s no turning back. No matter how much we’d like to keep them at home forever to avoid spending on a new one, it’s just not worth it. In the end, paying for repairs from an old unit might end up being more expensive than buying a new one. Bills can start to pile up, and when we look back we realize buying a new AC system would have been a much better choice for our wallet. Analyse carefully whether it’s a good idea to keep investing in a unit that did its time a couple years ago, or if you should rather get a new one instead and forget about spending one more single cent on repairing services.

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