Air is Life In More Ways Than One

Aire Tech Air Conditioning and Heating is the only company worth calling in the heating and cooling industry. We have been in business for 26 years and we have our customers to thank for that. We value our customers and ensure that they are always treated with respect and fairness and they are always offered the experience of a lifetime when dealing with us.

Why Choose Us

26 Years of experience has allowed us to become a leading contender within our trade. Our continued efforts to raise the bar on our service and products has kept our customers impressed and satisfied.

We believe that our staff  has the ability make or break us. Our staff must always work with integrity and honesty. They must work according to our standards and uphold our work ethics. We must be able to entrust our name into their hands.

For these reasons we undertake our employment process with care and consideration, evaluation each individual on every facet that is of importance to us. You are always assured that the technician attending to your work has been passed through a rigorous process and has passed with flying colors. Skill, experience, expertise and character are all thoroughly thought through and considered.

We choose only the best to fly our flag.

Heating, Cooling and Indoor Air Quality Solutions Perris, CA

Heating and cooling is a trade that is not cut and dried. There are many facets and elements involved and we can confidently say that we are qualified in all departments.

We are competent in finalizing residential projects and projects in the commercial sector. Each job is of great value to us and each customer as important as the one before or after. All our customers receive the same quality service guarantee and all our customers are left satisfied .

We are competent and confident in the services which we provide on a regular basis but that doesn’t mean it’s all we do.

  • Installations
  • Maintenance, repairs and replacements
  • Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is something that many of us don’t pay close attention to but we should. The quality of the air in your home can have serious effects on your health and well-being in general. Physical and mental health are affected by the air which you breathe. Our equipment is aimed at ridding your air of potentially dangerous pollutants and leaving your home filled with life giving air that you can inhale deeply.

If you are worried about the quality of your air, call us and we’ll send a specialist over to assess your air quality and make suggestions on how it can be improved.

We care about the health and well-being of all our customers.

Call Aire Tech Air Conditioning and Heating for good, clean and fresh air (951)529-1502. Our team is always at your service!