Get rid of that old AC and get ready for a happy summer

Aire Tech Air Conditioning & Heating
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“You never follow through, you always take so much and never give back much in return, we’re finished”. This isn’t a breakup scene from a movie, it’s the expression of total frustration when you’ve had it with your old air conditioner.

Say goodbye to that old air conditioner

It’s seen better days. When your AC gets into its teenage years, it’s performance is on a declining scale. Even if it’s served you well over the past ten years, there comes a point of diminishing returns when you hold onto an AC past its prime.

Get excited for a brighter future

When you replace that old air conditioner, you gain total peace of mind knowing your home will be cool and comfortable all summer long and for years to come. But, don’t settle for just any contractor when it comes to the installation.

Choosing the right contractor

If you need air conditioning installation in Perris, CA, there’s only one company that will give you the best possible experience. That’s Aire-Tech AC and Heating. We have over 26 years of experience and a passion for what we do. We give you the honest approach and would rather fix your old AC than sell you a new one if you don’t need it. We’re here to be your long-term source for AC maintenance and that means more than a one time sales approach.

Personalized experience

We help personalize the experience to give you the best possible results. Instead of just selling you any old AC, we find out the best one for your family considering these details:

  • The size of your home (square footage)
  • The number of bedrooms and hallways
  • Split level or single level?
  • The number of people in your household
  • Any special considerations including your budget, pets, and any allergy concerns

Getting the installation worry free

We perform your installation taking careful steps and using a checklist to ensure each part is carried out correctly. Our technicians are exceedingly well-trained and use the latest industry specifications when installing your AC to get the most out of it. All of our work comes with a labor warranty covering your installation work.

Optimal results

When getting an air conditioning installation in Perris, CA, we recommend you get the best SEER rated model so you get the best efficiency possible over the lifespan of your new AC. But buying a good AC isn’t enough when it’s not optimally sized and placed in the home.

We make sure your AC is sized appropriately for your family’s needs. You don’t want a tiny one that’s never able to get your home cool. Nor do you want an over sized one that costs you extra and means your AC cycles on and off to chill you and never leave you quite comfortable. We also make sure your AC is placed in the best spot to circulate air around the home evenly. This means you get the full SEER efficiency rating as listed on the sticker on your model.

Get ready for the summer with Aire-Tech AC and Heating. We’ll make your air conditioning installation in Perris, CA a breeze so call us today at 951-926-1002.